Large Enterprise IT

Our Enterprise IT Solution: 3nom 360 Managed Services

3nom’s 360 Managed IT Support provides you with round-the-clock monitoring and integrated support.

Our patch management solution centrally manages all your servers, so if any element of your IT is not performing, we’ll have diagnosed it and fixed the problem before you are aware of it.

3nom also serves as your holistic IT management team to assist in planning and deployment of new projects such as Exchange server upgrades, disaster recovery, and virtualization.

Our 3nom Extended IT Support Delivers:

  • 24/7 support from fully certified technicians who are experts in all aspects of server setup, procurement, CTO level strategic planning, installation, diagnosis, repair and maintenance, as well as complete network and server support.
  • A centralized patch management of your network IT infrastructure.
  • An extension to your IT Department who can deploy, and manage more complex IT solutions.
  • Responsive and pro-active onsite and remote network support.
  • Reduced downtime through early detection of potential problems.
  • No more costly surprises. Bringing in 3nom can be 25 – 50% less expensive than hiring additional IT consultants.

Looking for Additional Office Assistance?

Our On Demand Support allows you access to our certified team of IT professionals, with affordable rates. We are here for you when you need:

  • Replacements for IT personnel when sick or on vacation
  • Assistance with your IT personnel when they need an extra hand
  • Support for specialized technologies such as SQL, Exchange, Cisco etc.
  • 24/7 Technical support when your IT personnel are not available

Need more from your current IT infrastructure?

Let us review your IT environment and provide you with a strategic cost-cutting plan that fits your business needs.