3seat Virtual Office

3seat is the future of business technology management, reducing your IT management and set up letting you focus on your business not your IT.

3seat Virtual Office is an all inclusive cloud based IT service, which provides your business with all the components of a computer network such as hardware, software, backup, security, compliance and day to day IT support for one low flat monthly fee.

The Future of IT is NOW

It goes without saying that the business landscape is changing. Change is not new. What’s different is the extent and pace of the changes, which call for an organization to adapt quickly to the future of work and workplace environment.

Imagine releasing yourself from the boundary of 4 walls and working anywhere anytime on the device of your choice to connect back to the company infrastructure. Putting your customers and other stakeholders first is the only way to create real, lasting value for your business.
If you can imagine it, we can implement it with 3seat. An all-inclusive service that allows for secure and stable computing by simply connecting to the internet.

What’s Included


Why Companies are Moving to Virtualized Cloud Solutions

71% of experts agree that by 2020 most people will work via an internet connection
33% of companies adopted virtualized infrastructure from any device rather than cut cost
64% of companies say that adopting a cloud infrastructure has helped them reduce waste and lower energy costs
79% believe that anywhere, anytime computing can make work more enjoyable

*Stats are from a survey of 3,645 IT decision makers in eight countries
by leading sources such as Gartner and IDG and Microsoft