Making Recovery Far Simpler

Recovering business operations after a disaster is hard — the most serious problem after a disaster is recovering your data from your most critical servers.

With 3nom, recovery is far simpler. We created Mirrored Networks, which allows you to build and maintain your own network in your office but mirror your servers live to 3nom’s offsite facility. Therefore, if your office suffers a catastrophic outage, your mirrored servers simply pick up the slack and your business continues without disruption. Disaster recovery has long been a technology for larger enterprises with larger IT budgets, as the costs for disaster recovery have been staggeringly high. 3nom’s Mirrored Networks has cost affordable solutions for all business sizes.

Whether your applications are running on physical servers or virtual servers,
Mirrored Networks service supports:

Mirrored Networks features:

Continuity planning should be an integral part of your business and IT strategy.
Check out 3nom’s 360 Services to help simplify your IT disaster recovery procedures and reduce your recovery costs.