3nom_AppDev-graphic3_500px3nom Application Development offers our clients the opportunity to build software a better way using modern industry best practices including test-driven development.

The 3nom Application Development team has successfully designed, developed and implemented custom software applications to meet the needs of our clients.

By capitalizing on our multi-year experience, expertise and extensive industry knowledge, we deliver robust custom solutions to our clients that fit o the specific business requirements.

3nom offers a wide-range of software development services:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Bespoke programming
  • Database development (including SQL and Oracle)
  • Client server designs
  • Responsive portal software to internet/intranet software applications and integration

3nom can participate in portion or the complete software development cycle: starting from the Analysis phase and ending with Preventative Support and Maintenance.

We pride ourselves on our programming and coding skill set. Our software professionals have an extraordinary range of programming skills involving the most effective development technologies such as:

Angular, Microsoft ASP/ASP.Net, C#, VB/VB.net, XML and databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access).

To discuss a potential project with us, call us to schedule a personal meeting and discuss the desired goals and further steps toward them.