Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services

Nearly 20 percent of businesses will fall prey to disaster at some point. Without a solid Business Continuity plan in place, those disasters could result in data loss and extended periods of downtime, costing clients and impacting bottom lines. Among those most impacted are the businesses that lack a business continuity plan, with 80 percent shutting their doors forever within eighteen months of a disaster.

These hard statistics underline the importance of having a Business Continuity plan in place before disaster strikes. 3noms 3seat suite of cloud storage services includes business continuity solutions that can have each of your clients’ businesses up and running before, during, and after a disaster – without a single glitch

High Availablity

Data Protection

Offering your clients a High Availability solution ensures that they will benefit from the highest level of data protection. This service creates a mirrored copy of your client’s on-premise data at our data center. Servers can be up and running minutes after any event.

Advanced Online Backup

Hosted Backup Repository

If your clients can benefit from a hosted backup repository hosted at our purpose-built data center, our Advanced Backup solutions may be a good fit. These solutions provide continuous data protection and same-day restore times.

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